About Us


About Us

LavaTrust brings you curated, exclusive investment opportunities. We are dedicated to delivering individualized investment portfolios and customized offerings for institutional and accredited investors globally. Our goal is to have you alongside as our partners.

LavaTrust is your Concierge. We take great care in vetting the management team and track record. We look to investments that have strong ESG factors.

We are a group of investors and fund managers within our various arenas of expertise, including but not limited to, real estate, managed futures, Fintech, cryptocurrencies, digital banking and communication technologies, health technologies, E-Commerce and Green Tech.

Our investment opportunities range in risk profiles but are consistent in the ultimate goal to preserve, manage and build wealth for legacies. We value your time ~ your most precious resource ~ and would love to learn about your interests.

For family offices, please inquire about our LavaTrust Club. We welcome the opportunity to pool capital and resources for deal syndication.

Low Savings From Banks, Income Fund Solutions

Currently a number of retirees are unable to generate any income from their savings. Most banks do not offer an interest rate higher than 0.5% per year. This is barely even sufficient to generate a sustainable income to pay for their daily living expenses.

Our Solution

The RCIF was born on October 1st, 2017. This fully subscribed fund is now closed and we are offering RCIF ||. We leverage the crypto asset marketplace with proof-of-stake mining. We achieve portfolio growth through investment in a diversified basket of other crypto assets. Up to 15% of capital is deployed into Bitcoin and up to 15% is deployed into other high potential coins. Thus, we achieve volatility reduction and downside protection.

Earn Income With Exposure to Crypto Assets

Investors are unable to earn interest in sovereign bonds, with $15 trillion dollars’ worth of bonds yielding negative interest. In the midst of this low rate environment, Coronavirus has changed the investment landscape profoundly. Our goal is to provide a steady income to our investors every month, while providing the upside from the crypto markets.
Our number one goal is to provide a steady 15% per year in distribution, payable monthly
We are focused on capital preservation.
We believe that crypto assets (like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) will have a bigger impact on humanity than the internet. We want our investors to capture the upside from the growth of blockchain applications.
We invest along with our investors.
We actively seek to hold tokens that are built to solve current, real-world, quantitative problems.
We seek to find the ‘next bitcoin’ that can provide us with 100x returns.


Meet Our Team

Sam Ikkurty

Fund Manager

Mr. Ikkurty received his Bachelors Degree in Technology (B.Tech) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT-KGP). His undergraduate program thesis implemented RSA Public-key cryptosystem in C language, which has received first prize in SOFTWIZ contest held by the Computer Society of India amongst various engineering colleges in India. He worked as an independent IT consultant/Programmer for 19 years and was instrumental in the successful SAP Implementations with several large Fortune 500 clients. He has been an active investor in digital currencies market since 2013. He has been deeply interested in business in general, and more specifically, the workings of the stock market and Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett Value investing approach.


Joy Case – Principal Partner at LavaTrust.com

Joy serves as an Author, Speaker and Advisor in the Blockchain space. Joy’s background is rooted in the education, both public and private, and real estate sectors. Prior to her focus on media and innovative technologies, Joy has over 15 years of experience as an educational leader in public schools and has taught K-12. She received a Masters of Education from the University of British Columbia (2002) and a Real Estate License from the Sauder School of Business (2005). Her expertise includes administration and management of schools, including accreditation and licensing.

As a real estate consultant, educator and investment advisor, since 2005, she has worked with clients across Canada and has had experience with Canadian and US real estate transactions in commercial, development projects, residential real estate and the buying and selling of private schools. At present she is helping realtors and clients accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for the purchase of real property.

Now combining her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of blockchain technologies, she vets companies and sits on the board of Advisors of Blockchain companies to support the development of blockchain-based companies that are good for people and the planet.

Christina Madai

Lava Trust Partner

Christina’s love of Bitcoin is contagious.

Since learning about BTC in early 2009 she has seen a lot! From the early mining days to owning her own BTM machine, assisting buyers and sellers globally with high volume Bitcoin trades, and educating her close friends and family, she is now supporting others in their Bitcoin journey.

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Christina first became interested in global issues and investing at a young age. Having lived in Europe for four years as a teenager she was able to travel and see over fourteen different countries, and knew immediately she wanted to be part of something bigger: offering global solutions to those less fourtunate.

Christina is very grateful to be part of the LavaTrust team and is looking forward to working closely with clients to match their interests with our products.

Nathan Wosnack, CEO of ‘Ubitquity’ blockchain technology for Real Estate ledgering systems in the USA recently had this to say about her: “Christina is an amazing soul… a hard worker, Intelligent (EQ/IQ) wise and loyal.”


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