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Our primary goal is to deliver a steady income of 15% per year paid out on a monthly basis. We offer a monthly income fund. We are suited for income-oriented investors who depend on a steady distribution. If we achieve our target rate, we will beat both S&P 500 or Dow Jones index.

Our Investment Methodology

RCIF is a liquid income fund. Our objective is to generate a steady distribution of 15% per year, which is paid out to investors on a monthly basis. We intend to use market-neutral strategies that provide good income both in a bull market as well as a bear market. We see ourselves as an annuity. You invest a set amount of money today in exchange for a stream of monthly income. An investor, who invests $100,000 should expect to receive $1250 per month or $15,000 per year in perpetuity from RCIF. We achieve these steady returns via proof-of-stake mining.

The Crypto Savings Note product comes in two flavours. The 18-month hold yields an interest rate of 16% and the 24-month holds an interest rate of 20%. The Note holder receives monthly cheques with the last cheque being the return of principle capital.

Strong potential of asymmetric returns

The current price of bitcoin is tracking our S2F models quite well, with an R squared value of 93%. After the halving, these models predict a bitcoin price of ~$100,000 by Dec 2021.
The dark and light bands highlight 1st and 2nd Std deviations from the actual, and S2F projected prices.

What’s our edge vs. passive Bitcoin investing?

We offer two products:

In addition to stable coins, we trade in early stage currencies — targeting the “next Bitcoin” for impactful growth.

What are the differences between the two products?

Salient differences between RCIF


RCIF II is a high-risk & high-return investment strategy.


Crypto Savings Note is managed conservatively and provides lower-risk, medium return.


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