We are focused on generating income for our investors. We generate income from operating digital toll-booths. These toll-booths collect fees whether the market goes high or low. We employ a market-neutral strategies, that produce reliable income. One of our Portfolio holdings is Synthetix, which we were buying last year at $0.5 cents. We got another opportunity to add more this year in March.

Our weekly income generation data is written on to the blockchain. All of this information is already public and can be verified by anyone anytime. Here is the link for the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QU47tR4eK0fD2ySaP88LM9U46vD7p6mt80KSfqu00DI/edit#gid=366963260

Today we have received 28.10 SUSD tokens and 2003.51 SNX tokens. In order to receive we have staked, 248399 tokens of SNX. This produced a annualized yield of 52.70% APY. The calculations of yield are shown in the screenshot below.